My Story

Nellie & Lisa - start of Nellie's goats milkHere is the start of my story

I started making soap for my family because I wanted products without dyes and sulfates. I did research and wanted to make goat's milk soap, so my husband bought me a goat for our anniversary!  

This is a gift that keeps on giving. I began with small batches of soap and everyone got soap for Christmas, birthdays and every other event.  Everyone loved it and encouraged me to expand. So here we are today, making lots of soap without dyes and harmful additives. We are spreading the word about natural soap and skin care products. This isthe real deal, making the soap from our milk and raw materials. We do not use a heat and pour method, it is cold processed soap.

Last year we added a few more goats to help with the milk demands. I enjoy caring for the animals, making the soap and selling it at events as well as on line. Check us out on Facebook for photos of the goats and other interesting items.

This is a family effort, everyone helps from doing the chores, bailing hay and helping the goats give birth. My main job is still milking the goats, they like me best when it comes to that. I have a special place in my heart for Nellie, our first goat. She started all of this with me and was very patient as I learned the ropes of milking and caring for her.

Nellie's and lisa's farm- nellie's goats milk soap

 Hope you enjoy the soap.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will do my best to assist you.  Use the CONTACT US  method on the site and we will get back with you soon !